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If at first you don’t succeed, try LoserCafé.  More than just another blog, it’s just another blog that will drive you to drink.  And best of all, it comes with a full money back guarantee!

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Think You're A Loser?  Maybe You Just Need A Vacation!

Author of the "The Loser Syndrome" claims, it's time to buy (or steal) airline tickets for a much needed getaway.

Job Search Advice: Pick The Right Industry, Fool!

Clifford tells you how to come out ahead  during a financial crisis.

Try Clifford and Norm's
2010 New Year's Resolutions

judge comedy humor trial jury duty

Feature!  Death Panels for Dollars

Norm considers a new job opportunity on a health insurance "death panel,"  Could this be the right career path for you?

judge comedy humor trial jury duty

Feeling Guilty About Jury Duty

Cliff is serving jury duty tomorrow - should he bend the truth to avoid getting on a case?  You be the judge.

comedy satire humor funny talk show self-help

Are You Our Audience?

Norm thinks he has his finger on the pulse of our any chance, do you feel someone pressing on your neck?

Got A Workplace Personality?

Shape a "workplace personality" that will help you succeed!  All right, maybe not succeed - how about just keep your job - that a good goal?

"Quick! Get The Shoe Cologne"

How discount merchandise stank up Cliff's life.  Has this ever happened to you?

Obama The Fundraiser

How will Barack Obama pay for the trillions in spending and bailouts? Norm just might have the solution - and a word of warning for foreigners...

Nanophobia and You

Know what nanoparticles are?  Learn why you should be scared of them - or not... 

The Netflix Trap

How to avoid being stuck in the muck with a pile of DVD's that don't belong to you, and that you're never going to watch. 

Recession's Silver Lining

Their brilliant analysis of the financial crisis.  Learn what really went wrong and why there's a silver lining -  according to two analysts who are mostly wrong.  

Why We Hate Reunions

Reunions - a milestone event - a reminder of how little you've accomplished over so many, many years.  Here's how to survive and thrive at your next reunion.

The Next Big Thing.  ATMs.

Norm reveals an investment strategy for today's troubled times.  Take advantage of this useful information while there's still time!

How You Can Be Talked Into Anything!

Hear how Clifford almost got recruited into the insurance game, thanks to an expert sales pitch - and a pitcher full of vodka.  What can you be talked into?  

Are There Specific Types of "Losers"?

So-called "losers" fall into many categories.  Learn how to classify them and figure out which one you might be! 

Do You Have "The Loser Syndrome?"

Clifford and Norm discuss The Loser Syndrome.   After listening to this segment, you won't feel so bad about yourself - but you will for them.

Book Review:  "The Sex Lives of Cannibals"

Hear about author Martin Troost's South Pacific adventures  as reviewed by two guys who hardly ever travel - or read.  (The Sex Lives of Cannibals. Copyright J. Maarten Troost, Broadway Books)


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