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  Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse.

The Dummy's Guide to Management for Idiots

The perfect sure-fire management philosophy from one of the world's least successful managers.

Clifford: Think You're A Loser?  Maybe You Just Need A Vacation!

Author of the The Loser Syndrome claims, it's time to buy (or steal) airline tickets for a much needed getaway.

Norm Comes Clean: "I'm A Sex-a-holic!"

Norm reveals what no one could have guessed by the looks of him. 

Job Search Advice: Pick The Right Industry, Fool!

Clifford tells you how to come out ahead  during a financial crisis.

Good Advice Column

by Clifford and Norm

We write this column together as a team because, separately, we don't have a clue.  Well, actually, together we don't have a clue either.  But our mothers think we're sort of good.

Be the first to write in -- this is brand new!







You Are Invited...


The Clifford and Norm Show cordially invites you to write to us and tell us what is troubling you - as long as it's not too troubling.  I mean, we're not shrinks or doctors, you know, we're just two hacks who've messed up enough times in our own lives to be able to advise others how not to make the same stupid mistakes we did. 

All right, possibly - we can possibly advise you on avoiding our mistakes.  But hey!  Isn't it worth writing to us, anyway?  I mean, it'll be like you actually have something important to do today!

Here's the fun part.  If we can actually answer your question, which is unlikely, we'll feature it in the Advice Column (in case you didn't notice, it's to the left of this column), or we'll air it on one of our show segments.  Now that sounds like fun to me - doesn't it?

So go ahead - grab a notebook computer (hopefully it belongs to you) or a PDA (whatever that stands for) - or other thing that sends magical signals through wires - and send us an email today. 

For your convenience, you can also text your question to us - oh wait a minute  - sorry, we don't text - especially Norm.  He's totally anti-texting, and Cliff, he'd like to text, but he's too broke to afford the extra $10 a month.   Plus, he's not good with that QWRTY cell phone keypad. 

But please!  Write to us anyway - that is, if you're still awake. 

This is exciting.  Aren't you excited?

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